500+ followers in 2 months! wtf?

I haven’t been at this tumblr thing for long, but I get the impression that people like free stuff. And so I thought, as a way to thank the 500 strangers that like to look at pictures of googly-eyed ponies I’d give away some free stuff.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: I combined my two favorite crafting materials (googly eyes, and mod podge) to create a totally awesome and totally one-of-a-kind googly-eyed card box. And I totally want to give this away to one grand prize winner. And, for good measure, I’m going to give 5 runners up their choice of any googly-eyed card already featured on this blog. Sweet, right?

How to win:

  • Like this post (+1 point)
  • Reblog this post (+1 point)
  • Follow this Blog (+1 bonus point)

A random number generator can take things from there. Enter by Feb 14th (Hearts and Hoov- Valentine’s Day) and have your ask box open.

And thank you all for supporting this incredibly silly hobby.

Do you guys like ponies? Do you like googly eyes? Do you want to own a piece of pony / googly eye history? 

Of course you do.

Get on that.